Nelson (skyfaller) wrote in 5c_claremont,

New person in town

Hey folks, I'm an (almost) alumnus of Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts college outside Philadelphia, PA... I'm taking this semester off before I attend George Mason Law in Arlington / DC, so I thought I'd come out to Claremont for the semester and spend some time with my girlfriend krustad, who goes to Scripps.

Unfortunately, I don't know too many people here (aside from my girlfriend and her friends), so I thought I'd reach out to this LJ community and see if anyone wants to make my acquaintance! I could always use more LJ friends ^_^

Sadly, this particular community doesn't have many members... should I go and post individually in each of the 5 Claremont colleges' LJ communities? It seems sort of like spamming, and I'd like to avoid that... surely there is a better way to meet people here! What do you folks think?
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