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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
9:27 am
New person in town
Hey folks, I'm an (almost) alumnus of Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts college outside Philadelphia, PA... I'm taking this semester off before I attend George Mason Law in Arlington / DC, so I thought I'd come out to Claremont for the semester and spend some time with my girlfriend krustad, who goes to Scripps.

Unfortunately, I don't know too many people here (aside from my girlfriend and her friends), so I thought I'd reach out to this LJ community and see if anyone wants to make my acquaintance! I could always use more LJ friends ^_^

Sadly, this particular community doesn't have many members... should I go and post individually in each of the 5 Claremont colleges' LJ communities? It seems sort of like spamming, and I'd like to avoid that... surely there is a better way to meet people here! What do you folks think?
Monday, March 6th, 2006
2:38 pm
Like women's rights? Like international relations? MacKinnon/Pogge lectures tomorrow!!!
Scrippsies!!! There will a lecture tomorrow that is destined to move your souls! Catharine MacKinnon is a philosopher who will be talking about women and international law. She's generally very provocative, a little bit radical, a lotta bit brilliant, and plus there's a reception afterward, so even if you're not into hearing amazing words of wisdom, you can go for the free food.

Catharine MacKinnon
Tuesday March 7
4:15 Balch Auditorium
Amazing lecture - Rethinking the International Law of Conflict
Free food and wine afterwards!!!

(and the wine's open to everyone, they know a minor's a responsible drinker if it's dinnertime and they just came out of a lecture hall...)

FMI: click here

and also...
Thomas Pogge
Reflections on Harming the Innocent
7:00 at Garrison

It's a double feature! I just had tea with Pogge (pronounced Pog-uh) and he's a brilliant man with a great accent (Norwegian?). He has very smart ideas regarding global justice, so he's pretty much awesome as well, and I highly recommend both lectures.

Hahaha, does anyone even read this community?
Monday, September 20th, 2004
2:22 pm
Who likes petitions?? I DO!!!

Tell Bush to bring us home.
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